Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Schumacher Contract Extension Depends On Car

Ross Brawn when asked about Michael Schumacher extending his contract beyond when it expires 2012 has stated he sees no reason why not if they can come up with a good car. There had been speculation in the German press of Schumacher extending the contract because of him saying in Canada it typically takes 5 years to build a winning car which his current contract wouldn't cover.

When asked on German television about an eminent announcement on Schumacher extending his contract Brawn states "No, there was absolutely no reason to drive that speculation." He also stated the issue of Schumachers contract has not been discussed. Brawn went on to add "I am very happy with our two drivers, they are not the reason we are not winning races"

"Both our drivers have contracts at the moment and our priority is to make the car better. We definitely have another year with Michael and if with next year's car we can get the results we want, then I see no reason why we shouldn't go on, but at the moment there are no talks"

Schumacher himself when asked about any contract extension plans stated "At the right time we will talk about it, but right now would make no sense"

In Canada Schumacher had easily his best race since the comeback began a year ago. If wasn't for the DRS it is debatable whether Webber or Button could have got by him in the closing laps which left the seven times champion fourth.

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