Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Renault Quit Threat

Renault have threatened to quit the sport if the new "green" four cylinder turbo regulations are not introduced in 2013. With Ferrari and Mercedes pushing them to be delayed and Bernie Eclestone completely against the new engines it is understandable FIA president Jean Todt is getting frustrated with the situation.

Todt quoted in Spanish newspaper Diario Sport talking about the current F1 engine suppliers "It is they who proposed the regulations, and the FIA who accepted them,"

"The proposal didn't fall from the sky; we had 11 meetings with all the representatives of those involved. When I talk to those responsible at Renault they tell me they will go out of F1 if this new engine does not come in 2013. When I talk to Mercedes and Ferrari they ask me to postpone the introduction for a couple of years."

"They are not against the rules but want them postponed. So in the coming days I will keep up the contacts personally to see where we are.

In the same interview Jean Todt praised the humbleness of World Champion Sebastain Vettel and despite Vettel running away with this years, Todt says the championship is still wide open.

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