Monday, 27 June 2011

Pirelli On Borefest Gp And Silverstone Tyres

Pirelli's director of motorsport Paul Hembery admits using the super soft Pirelli's might have helped a small bit to liven up the European GP. Pirelli opted to take the soft and new medium compound tyres to the European GP as the super softs would have worn too fast in Valencia's hot conditions.

Speaking to Autosport Hembery: "From our point of view probably the conservative choice of medium did not help."

"If we had gone the super soft route - it would not have worked tremendously well here because it is far too hot for it - but people would have had to use it in qualifying and, if they had just got eight laps out of it, it would have pushed people harder on the soft, perhaps to the limit."

"They would only have needed a couple more laps out of each set on the soft, but some might have done it, some might have not and that might have brought into play a little bit more the performance difference of the cars as the tyres degraded more."

"We have seen that maybe we could have assisted - but I am not sure of that of course because we didn't see the DRS working in many places. It is one for all of us to look back on - we need to look back and see what we could do."

"Having the super soft may well have created a slightly more interesting race, but I have doubts with the overtaking zones that it would not have changed a huge amount. It certainly would not have been as exciting as some of the other races we have seen."

Pirelli's tyre choice could have a significant effect on the next GP which is scheduled for Silverstone as Ferrari have struggled for pace earlier this year on Pirelli's hard compound tyre. Hembery speaking further on what tyres will be choosen for Silverstone was keen to point out it doesn't want to favour any one team with it's selection.

"It is a big challenge for us because we want to make sure that we have good racing. Equally, we don't want too many pitstops. Silverstone could be very hot - and if it is hot, fast and aggressive that for us is a big call."

"If it is cold you don't want to have compounds too hard, which then start sliding and graining. It is something we are analysing. So we will look at the data from Valencia and we need to make a decision by Monday night, or at the latest Tuesday morning."

"The teams have a difference of opinion, We have asked their advice but clearly we don't want to favour or penalise one over the other. We have to take a look at the whole field. We have 12 teams we look at and feel that we are going to make the right choice for them, and also the right choice for us of course."

"Our main concern is to make sure that we don't penalise any team. Some people have decided that from Barcelona the hard tyre favours those with high downforce, so we have to be careful that the strategy based on hard tyres is not going to penalise any particular team. Equally we don't want to be in the situation where we have five pitstops, so it is a balance we have to find."

"You have to think what is right for us - and what is right for us is that we don't want more than four pitstops. We would prefer to have three, but probably Silverstone whatever we do we will probably have four, whatever option we do. As long as we don't have five, that is fundamental for us."

"If it is three or four then it is mixture of how we balance all the requirements of the teams. We will do a table, we will analyse all the team's requirements, and we will base it on what is the best for the majority of the teams."

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