Monday, 27 June 2011

Nearly All Circuits Threaten F1 Boycott Over New Rev Limit

It appears the new compromise on turbo V6 engines with a rev limit of 12,000 revs to be introduced in 2014 isn't going to be sufficient after all.

All but two of the world’s circuits, (China and Korea) have issued an ultimatium to F1's governing body. Either the rev limit remains at 18,000 in 2014 and beyond or the circuits will drop F1 and instead host Indycar events.

The letter, dated one day after last week's F1 Commission meeting in London, said the sound of the new engine rules in the future "is to be the same as the current (V8) engine" Ecclestone as expected is aware of the letter and is supporting the promoters. 

Ron Walker who penned the letter stated as Ecclestone has many times that powerful, noisey engines are a key part of the appeal of F1. Walker goes on to say in The Express the sound of the new engine "would be like a tin can rattling"

"We are not going to have our customer base destroyed. I told them that the circuits would not run it. The sound is part of the brand,"

I have only two questions, what were China and Korea thinking not signing that letter? and when is Jean Todt going to give us fans a break by swapping his presidency for a more suitable Green Peace role?

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