Friday, 3 June 2011

Mosley: F1 Would Go To Bahrain Over My Dead Body

Former FIA president Max Mosley has lent his voice to the growing concerns over rescheduling the Bahrain Grand Prix for later in the year. Mosley states

"If I was president today, Formula One would go to Bahrain over my dead body, It cannot happen."

"The Grand Prix will be used to paint a picture of Bahrain that will be false, They will be attempting to use the Grand Prix to support what they are doing, almost using Formula One as an instrument of repression."

"There is only one reason Formula One is in Bahrain and that is a political reason. To go will be a public-relations disaster and sponsors will want their liveries removed."

Damon Hill has also voiced concerns

"I am not a spokesman for Formula One. But I am surprised and disappointed that there is a lack of intelligent comment coming from the sport at a time when we should be trying to promote it in a positive way, a way which recognizes human values."

"The ruling family in Bahrain have said they want to stage a race there, and we all do. But F1 must align itself with progression, not repression, and a lot of demonstrations in that country have been brutally repressed. You are either aware of that or you're not."

"It is clear, whatever anyone says, that some very violent events have taken place in Bahrain. It is not our country. It is their country. But we can't just fluff over it and pretend that the difficulties there don't exist, or that they will sort themselves out."

"It is an over-simplification to say that the rulers there are the bad guys and the demonstrators are the good guys. But we cannot pretend that the political situation there is not a factor, because it is."

"It is important that Formula One is not seen to be only interested in putting on the show, whatever the circumstances. You can't just base your decision to hold a race in a country on that country's ability to pay."

The only current driver to have a say on the situation is the outspoken Australian Mark Webber

"When people in a country are being hurt, the issues are bigger than sport,"  Let's hope the right decision is made." he added

The concern about the Grand Prix being pushed through was highlighted after a remark by F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone who appears to want to make it happen. He stated on CNN.

"What's our problem in the world at the moment? Too many over-educated people. If we can find a way to do something about that then a lot of our problems will disappear."

Formula One's governing body is set to decide today whether to reschedule the Bahrain Grand Prix for later this season.

Update: As expected the Bahrain Grand Prix has been reinstated and will take place on 30 October, replacing the Indian Grand Prix, which will now become the final round of the 2011 Championship.

There could be still problems ahead, going by Red Bull's less than ecstatic statement.

"Red Bull Racing has acknowledged the FIA World Motor Sport Council’s decision to go ahead with the 2011 Bahrain Grand Prix."

"We will go through the correct channels and discuss this decision within the appropriate forum with the other F1 teams and our fellow FOTA members."

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