Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Mercedes Mechanics Take Mick Out Of Grampa Schumi

 Michael Schumacher might have got a shock last weekend when visiting the Mercedes bathroom. In the garage of the Mercedes team a montage of funny photos and texts of colleges was displayed on the toilet wall.
 The best though was of an 80 year old looking Schmacher in his racing suit with a caption below it stating "Michael intends at that age to race in the Senior F1 World Championship." Credit to Dutch site for getting the photo.
  Last year the same Mercedes crew played a prank on Schumis team mate Nico Rosberg by getting Rosberg's passport and covering the photo with one off Britney Spears who Nico is called because of his looks. Nico didn't realize it had happened until the passport was given to a receptionist whilst checking in at their hotel in Dubai.

So Mercedes in fun work environment then!

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