Thursday, 23 June 2011

Lux Files Legal Complaint Against Sutil

What was threatened by Genii Capital CEO Eric Lux has now happened. Lux has filed an official legal complaint against Force India driver Adrian Sutil, for grievous bodily harm.

Lux, whose company Genii Capital own the Renault F1 team, was left needing 16-24 stitches to his neck after an incident in a nite club following the Chinese Grand Prix. Lux's lawyers stated at the Spanish GP in May a complaint would be filed, something which has now been confirmed. ESPN report a spokesman for the prosecutor "There is a pending complaint for grievous bodily harm against Herr Sutil"

Sutil's manager Manfred Zimmermann previously stated any complaint would be fought, and maintained his belief that Sutil would be cleared of any wrongdoing. Zimmermann said "We are confident the court will come to the conclusion that this was not about Adrian attacking anybody" Sutil himself admitted shortly after the incident occurred he had "hurt another person unintentionally"

At the time the most in depth version of events I came across was from a German newspaper, which one I can't recall. It reported, Sutil was at the club with Lewis Hamilton to celebrate his mates win in the Grand Prix that weekend. The Renault guys were also their in the same VIP section.

It became crowded and Hamilton’s body guards were making more room for him and in the goings on after that a woman spilt drink on Sutil. As Sutil was complaining to the woman Lux got involved and whatever happened between them Sutil went to throw a drink in Lux’s face but instead caught him with the glass causing the injury.

If that version of events is true or not I don’t know but the meaning to throw the drink and catching Lux with the glass seems to add up from what Sutil is saying it been an accident and Lux saying it wasn't. Either way Sutil is facing big problems and could loose his Force India seat over it. According to Team Pricipal Vijay Mallya he will take "appropriate action", adding "If and when he's charged, I will assess the situation."

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