Monday, 13 June 2011

"Hamilton's Mad" Yet Red Bull Are Sniffing

Triple world champ Niki Lauda has called on the FIA to crack down on Lewis Hamilton's overly aggresive driving. After a dismal race Monaco were Hamilton was heavily criticised for hitting Felipe Massa and Pastor Maldonado while attemping overtakes it was more of the same in Canada.

Before retiring after 7 laps Lewis had already spun Webber on the first corner then crashed into his own team mate Button while attempting another pass ending his own race.

Lauda commentating on German TV "He is completely mad. If the FIA does not punish him, I do not understand the world any more. At some point there has to be an end to all the jokes. You cannot drive like this, as it will result in someone getting killed."

Another former champion and steward this weekend, Emerson Fittipaldi also cautioned Hamilton "I think Lewis is an exceptional talent, a world champion, but sometimes he is too aggressive when he tries to overtake," Fittipaldi said. "It was like that in Monaco with Felipe, placing half of the car in the sidewalk and putting Felipe in a difficult position, at least.

"I think there has to be a limit for being aggressive, respecting the others and still being competitive. You can be competitive, but you have to respect the others."

Meanwhile Hamilton has been linked to a Red Bull move again.

According to Autosport: "Hamilton met for private talks with Red Bull Racing chief Christian Horner at the team's office buildings on Saturday evening - where the two spent at least 15 minutes together chatting in private."

"Although it is not known exactly what they talked about, as one Red Bull source cheekily dismissed the get-together as nothing more than a 'social visit', it would be unlikely that the pair did not discuss future intentions."

Autosport, though, did stress that there is "no suggestion that it was anything more than a preliminary chat, or that the talks will definitely develop into something in the future."

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