Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Diffuser Ban To cost Red Bull Half A Second

With the introduction of a ban on blown diffusers from the British Grand Prix onward Helmut Marko has suggested Red Bull will loose half a second. Red Bull's motorsport consultant is confident though the world champions can make the deficit back through car set up and new aerodynamic updates set to be introduced at Silverstone.

Marko states "We expect to lose approximately 0.5 seconds per lap without the blown diffuser, However, we made preparations to equalise this in terms of set-up and aero measures. We are optimistic that we will keep our performance level."

Marko went on to once again convey his displeasure at the changes being enforced mid season.

"We would have understood if this was implemented at the end of the season like many other technical developments recently, But to do this halfway through the season is a bit strange and not quite understandable." states Marko.

As much as I don't want it to, it would be kind of amusing if what looks like the FIA's plan to stop Red Bull having such a performance advantage back fired. Lewis Hamilton was not that optimistic at Valencia on his team making headway because of the changes.

Hamilton talking about Silverstone "I think that in the next race [at Silverstone] we may really struggle again. I'm not looking forward to it, I'm really not looking forward to it."

"I'll be going there as prepared as I can, racing as fast as I can, but we really might struggle. We're not fast enough and with the regulations changing I personally think we're going to make another step backwards. I'm a little bit nervous about it. I think we might be affected more than the two teams ahead of us [Red Bull and Ferrari]. It will be even worse for us."

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