Thursday, 9 June 2011

Button Expects Mercedes To Be Biggest Competitor Canada

Jenson Button is expecting Mercedes rather than Red Bull to be McLaren's main competitor at this weekends Canadian Grand Prix. With the long straights and lack of high-speed corners Montreal is not suited to championship leaders Red Bull with many installing McLaren favourite for the win.

Button himself is tipping Mercedes to put on a strong showing. Button: "I think qualifying is going to be pretty tricky, I think we will be a lot closer to the Red Bulls if not quicker than the Red Bulls, but you have to look at what Ferrari has got with their DRS and also Mercedes."

"There are a lot of straights here and we are very good at using our DRS. The system we have for using it is very good, we seem to be able to use it in more places than other people."

"But, with the long straights here, I think they can get about 20 km/h with DRS, the Mercedes, and I think most other teams are about 12 km/h. It is a massive difference around here, so in qualifying they are going to be very, very quick."

"They [Mercedes GP] are possibly our biggest competitors I would say, which I think is a little bit of a surprise to most people - or will be. They will be very competitive here."

Jenson is one of the smarter guys in F1 but I wouldn't go running to the bookies just yet to place a big one on Schumi or Rosberg taking the win though with Schumi 70/1 and Rosberg 33/1 maybe an extremely small one is in order. Who would ever have thought Michael Schmacher could race in a GP and have 70/1 odds against him winning it.

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