Sunday, 19 June 2011

BBC Anchor Speaks Out About F1 Axe Article

The BBC F1 anchor Jake Humphrey has spoken out concerning The Times article about F1 being dropped.

Humprey on twitter: "Lots of 'Sunday Times' questions. SO MANY inaccuracies in that article. F1 does incredible business on the BBC-it's spiritual home! #bbcf1 "

"I've no inside info on it's future...but I know little else gets the audience share and the millions that we do. #bbcf1 is a huge success."

For those outside UK who don't understand how important it is BBC keeps the coverage, here is the setup. BBC provides live coverage of practice sessions, qualifying and race.

The race and qualifying get 3/4 hour previews and the race gets hour review after included. All of the above happens under the standard license fee and coverage is non stop including NO advertisements.

Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation who just happens to own the Sunday Times in which the "axe article" appeared in has been known to have an interest in acquiring the viewing rights for Formula One.

The problems with Murdoch's sky showing Formula 1 are

1- Pay for sky satellite dish which gets you some free channels
2- Pay to subscribe to Sky Sports
   or Pay to box office for every GP weekend depending how is sold.
3- Have to watch advertisements which ITV highlighted does not work with Formula 1.

With the above it would be a great shame for F1 to go off main stream TV to some satellite station where the amount of money you have to spare decides whether you can watch or not.

It doesn't seem right some 8 or 9 year old kid, maybe a young Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button won't be able to watch Formula 1 because his parents can't afford the extra money to buy it on satellite TV. All so some shmuck in a suit can sit somewhere and count his millions.

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