Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Barcelona GP Gets Ditched For Valencia

Valencia will be the only Spanish date on next year's formula one calendar. According to Spanish station Radio Valencia the Spanish Grand Prix will be held the next ten years in Valencia on the date normally reserved for Barcelona.

With the increase in destinations wanting to host Grands Prix and an already stretched calender, Bernie Ecclestone has been against holding two races in one country, in addition, Barcelona's Circuit de Catalunya contract ends this season.

The Spanish station goes on to say Valencia, the Spanish port city and host of last Sunday's European GP, will take on the role of the Spanish GP in 2012 and beyond. The agreement, reportedly made by Bernie Ecclestone at the weekend is verbal but is expected to be followed in writing in due course.

For as long as I can remember the Barcelona GP was the most boring of them all so good riddance to it but is quite unfortunate that the only other GP in Alonso land isn't much better.

Update: Circuit de Catalunya director Salvador Servia, speaking to Marca sports newspaper about the reports about Barcelona losing its place states they are "invented".

Servia speaking on Onda Cero radio "Spain has just held two successful grands prix. Everything else I would hope are just rumours," he said on Onda Cero radio."I think someone has said 'I want this to happen' and so somebody else said 'This is going to happen'. For next year they have already set the dates"


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