Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Almost Certain Postponement For New Engine Rules

The decision to introduce 4 cylinder 1.6 litre turbo engines for 2013 will almost certain be postponed to a later date before the end of the month according to Italian magazine Autosprint.

Bernie Ecclestone, a staunch critic of the new rules believes the new toned down more road car like noise of the engines would have a vast negative effect on viewing figures as the unique noise of the Formula One car is a major attraction at Grands Prix.

It is believed an attempt to overturn the rules being introduced was narrowly defeated in a recent vote of the World Motor Sport Council. According to Auto Motor und Sport Wednesday's meeting with the F1 commission is Bernie's plan B with the 80 year old also considering legal action.

It does appear now though FIA president Jean Todt has agreed to consider a delayed introduction date with an announcement coming before the end of the month. Todt was facing an uphill battle to keep the 2013 rule change on track as engine makers Ferrari, Mercedes and Cosworth no longer support the four-cylinder turbo's.

Increased costs involved are the main stumbling block for the engine suppliers. Jean Todt's only ally is fellow French engine supplier Renault who have threatened to quit F1 if the 2013 rules do not debut as scheduled.

Well bye bye Renault as I and most other fans would rather have them missing than listening to glorified lawn mower engines race around the track. If the FIA really wants to make an effort to go green why not rearrange the calender by scheduling races closest in the world together saving vast amounts of air miles. This wouldn't be popular because it seems it's more about being seen to be doing the right thing than actually doing it.

Also with the FIA it can't be the right thing to do unless it robs the fans in some way, few examples being
- qualifying being ruined now for the sake of an extra set of tyres not being allowed in Q3.
- wet races being spent behind safety cars until the track is nearly dry.
- trying to gag drivers from speaking their minds with Hamilton close to being banned for six races for a bad joke in the heat of the moment.

Bernie Ecclestone sums it up best about Todt being more concerned about outside opinion to the determent of the sport. Ecclestone speaking about Jean Todt "He has been travelling around the world doing what Max didn’t do too much – kissing the babies and shaking the hands. It is probably good for the FIA but we don’t need it in Formula 1."

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