Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Webber And Vettel Needle Returns

It has taken a while to reappear but the bad air between Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber has resurfaced. Writing in GPWeek, Peter Windsor the experienced F1 columnist takes up the story right after Webber set his Q3 time.

"Mark climbed from his car not with a smile on his face but with the Silverstone visage of victory-under-fire, For there had been just enough time, after Mark had taken the pole, for Seb to try once more. The tyre guys brought forward another set of softs; the wheel guns clattered; and Seb's Number One began to clear the car."

"Over on the other side of the garage, meanwhile, one Australian racing driver was quietly going bananas, asking his guys why Seb was heading out on another set of tyres when they'd agreed in Turkey that they'd both do only one run in Q3 if they were one-two with a bit of margin"

"Mark's engineers conflabbed on the pit wall with the RBR management. There was a discussion. There was a decision. And the nod went to Mark – there would be no second runs. Seb removed his steering wheel and climbed from Adrian Newey's masterpiece." writes Windsor.

It was also of note how Vettel seemed to go to great pains in the press conference after qualifying to make sure everybody knew Webber's pole wasn't diminished by the fact his own was done without Kers while actually strongly conveying the opposite with Webber sitting there with a glum look on his face.

What will be particularly interesting is come near end of season if Vettel is still way ahead in championship, wonder how hard Webber will be driving to help him win it especially if he has no contract in place for the following year.

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