Monday, 23 May 2011

The Unsung Hero of the Barcelona Grand Prix

It appears Indian driver Narain Karthikeyan had a little more to contend with at race time than the usual dog of a car and constantly having to move unto marbles to let anybody and everybody by.

Narain stated “It was a very hard race. The tyres were degrading a lot, especially the rear ones making it very difficult to drive. The first few laps were all right but then the rear started giving me a lot of problems. I also had some trouble with my seat, I burnt my back and at times the pain was unbearable. The positive aspect was that I finished the race although we didn't get much out of it."

Braving unbearable pain to bring a car home last 5 laps down, seems like its straight out of a Hollywood script. If HRT dump Narain before the season is over as many thought before it began they deserve to be forever regulated to back of the pack status. Right now jury is out whether Karthikeyan is a real life Rocky Balboa or total idiot. Think for now he gets Rocky Narain.

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