Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Schumi Rejects Hamilton's Blocking Claims

Michael Schumacher has rejected accusations he aided his pal Sebastian Vettel by deliberately blocking Lewis Hamilton in Spain on Sunday.

Vettel and Hamilton were in an extremely close battle eventually won by world champion Vettel by just 0.6 secs.  Hamilton has since claimed he was blocked by Seven Time Champion Schumacher in his Mercedes straight after Schumi had let Vettel through.

"I won't speak to him about it - I don't want to waste my time or my breath," Hamilton told British tabloid Daily Mirror.

When ask about the alleged incident Schumacher stated "I don't recall this, and I think it wouldn't make sense,
Although, yes, Seb is my friend, Lewis is running with a Mercedes engine and that's a lot more important to me."

"Not that I try to favour, or not favour anybody. That certainly must have been a misunderstanding. It's not my idea. I try to get out of the way for anybody. I just do my own thing." continued Schumacher.

Schumi's excuse of prefering engine makes over friends probably isnt the greatest excuse he has ever given but watching Seb and Lewis lap Schumi  its extremely hard to see any evidence of blocking going on as they were both let by at basically the same time.

Guess Lewis just wants to have a go at Schumi since nearly everyone else is.

Update: Lewis has since denied saying he was blocked by Schumi. It was only one British tabloid journalist he was supposed to have said it too so seems entirely likely this so called journalist extracted the story from somewhere around his trouser back pocket area.

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