Friday, 27 May 2011

Schumacher: "There is no Plan B"

In a question and answer session by Auto Motor Und Sport Michael Schumacher was asked  "Do you not get tired to remain optimistic and expect even podium finishes this season. Is it you already have a plan B in case the season continues like in Istanbul where you said after the race, the day wasn't a whole lot of fun."

Schumacher responded "There is no Plan B. That would be wasted energy. As you can already say: I am optimistic and believe in what we want to achieve and the fact that we will achieve it."

Schumacher was also asked did being seven pounds heavier than his team mate Nico Rosberg make any difference in the distribution of weights in the car with Schumi replying there is ample scope for distribution and the difference is negligible.

What is definitely not doing Schumacher any favours in his preperations for Grand Prix weekends is not being able to use the team's 3D simulator because it makes him nauseated. On Monday at the teams headquaters in Brackley England Rosberg used the simulator to drive Monaco with all the new technical innovations on the car.

Came across a really good old video clip about Schumacher's driving style compared to other drivers in his heyday.

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