Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Montoya offers help to Raikkonen

Juan Pablo Montoya heaped praise on Kimi Raikkonen's effort on his NASCAR debut last weekend and predicts Kimi will have little difficulty progressing in the series.

The Colombian admitted they probably talked more than they ever did as team mates in Formula 1 at Mclaren.

"Kimi did really good," stated Montoya. "I think it's good that the trucks are a bit flexible and the noses don't push in the fenders like we do [in Cup] but I think overall he did a good job."

Montoya continued "It was more the team than him you know, telling them why is he so loose and why is he struggling, Our driving styles were a little bit different in Formula 1 but I know what I would like out of a car. I just went to say hi and see how he was doing. People did it to me here and I was really shocked so if I can help, I'll lend my hand."

Video clip below captures last time Montoya shared his thoughts on Raikkonen!

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