Monday, 23 May 2011

Ferrari spying on Red Bull?

Red Bull Formula 1 consultant Helmut Marko has accused Ferrari of using a method to secretly listen in on Red Bull's race strategies during Formula One Grands Prix.

Red Bull's controversial consultant conveyed his suspicions on German RTL television after the Spanish Formula One Grand Prix on Sunday.

Marko stated "We have noticed that Ferrari is doing some kind of espionage, We called Mark into the box relatively late, and yet they managed to get Alonso in as well. They had been able to respond to us."

It is believed Marko's suspicions hardened when Red Bull issued fake commands for its drivers to pit in Barcelona, and Ferrari still moved to respond.

Ferrari has yet to comment.

Well if you're going to spy no one better to place in you're line of sight than the flying bulls. As for Marko, he must like the feeling of kicking a team when they are already down.

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