Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Boris Becker Letter to Sebastian Vettel

One of tennis all time greats has took time to take his laptop out and type a letter to fellow German Sebastian Vettel. Appearing in Bild from the pen of the youngest man in history to win Wimbledon.

"Dear Sebastian,

The triumph of Monaco made you a bigger athlete. Monaco is like Wimbledon in tennis. This is a world championship in the World Cup. This is the biggest battle of the year and a true champ wins this battle.

Without the victory in the biggest races of the year the world title is not perfect. In Monaco you climbed to the next level. And also its like you felt it, was great to see you in the pool party after the race so gloriously emotional.

Although you know that it was only you and not your cars condition which held the wild fighter Alonso and Button behind you, You would never stress. You're a great team player and extremely down to earth.

One of the most important features featuring the greatest of the great impressed me: You are humble, When I hear that your parents in Monaco were camping in the camper, even though they could afford the most expensive hotel, I became an even greater Vettel fan.

Enormous respect and best wishes for your future!

Boris Becker"

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