Friday, 27 May 2011

Adrian Newey On Ferrari's New Approach

In Gazzetta dello Sport Red Bull design guru Adrian Newey was asked how he feels to have caused Aldo Costa to lose his job. Costa was demoted from role of technical director at Ferrari on Monday, following the teams inability to close the gap on the dominant Red Bulls.

When asked about Costa, Newey says, "It’s nothing to do with me, but I am sorry for Aldo."

He then asked reporter Pino Allievi who will make the Ferrari cars now and is told Pat Fry and Nicolas Tombazis.
"Strange" says Newey, who declines to clarify what he means by the comment.

Newy worked alongside Fry and Tombazi at McLaren so is well aware of both mens strenghs and weaknesses making that kind of response intruging.

Newy the most valuable asset in F1 was headhunted himself by Ferrari as recently as last year.

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