Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Boris Becker Letter to Sebastian Vettel

One of tennis all time greats has took time to take his laptop out and type a letter to fellow German Sebastian Vettel. Appearing in Bild from the pen of the youngest man in history to win Wimbledon.

"Dear Sebastian,

The triumph of Monaco made you a bigger athlete. Monaco is like Wimbledon in tennis. This is a world championship in the World Cup. This is the biggest battle of the year and a true champ wins this battle.

Without the victory in the biggest races of the year the world title is not perfect. In Monaco you climbed to the next level. And also its like you felt it, was great to see you in the pool party after the race so gloriously emotional.

Although you know that it was only you and not your cars condition which held the wild fighter Alonso and Button behind you, You would never stress. You're a great team player and extremely down to earth.

One of the most important features featuring the greatest of the great impressed me: You are humble, When I hear that your parents in Monaco were camping in the camper, even though they could afford the most expensive hotel, I became an even greater Vettel fan.

Enormous respect and best wishes for your future!

Boris Becker"

"Schumacher still has time to show he is in top form"

Michael Schumacher has received the full support of Mercedes parent company Daimler. Dieter Zetsche, the Daimler boss was responding to renewed calls for the 42-year-old seven times world champion to return to retirement after disappointing performances since he returned to F1 last year.

The Daimler chief commented in Bild newspaper "Schumacher still has time to show he is in top form. Last year we gave him a bad car, So it was difficult for him to come back like that and prove himself again. I think we will see some positive surprises this year"

Schumi had a better weekend in Monaco until his car let him down, out pacing his team mate and pulling off a pass on Ali G sorry meant Lewis Hamilton!

Monday, 30 May 2011

Pirelli Paul Hembery "True Formula 1 Fan"

Anybody and everybody watching the Monaco Grand Prix knows yet another ridiculous rule ruined what could have been one of the best finishes ever.

The battle for the ultimate victory in F1 was finely balanced between Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button in the final laps of the race. Button had relatively fresh tyres, Alonso who was right in front of Button had tyres well matured and Vettel in front of Alonso had tyres of OAP status.

With the unbelievable climax in place for the finish it all came to a premature end when the race was red flagged after Vitaly Petrov collected the barriers allowing teams to put on fresh rubber.

With all cars on basically same rubber on the toughest track to pass on in F1 the conclussion was foregone. The three leaders lapped in parade until the finish six laps later.

Pirelli director of motorsport Paul Hembery pushed forward the fans view stating the rule to change tyres should be changed. Speaking to Autosport, Hembry stated

"I can understand there is a safety consideration but I am thinking about it more from a fans' perspective to be honest, I've had a lot of people shout at me from the boats around the harbour and say, why were they allowed to change?"

"It took away something from the race – and the big question was could they have lasted? That is what we were all asking with six laps to go and that was going to be the excitement: would Sebastian hit the [tyre
degradation] cliff?"

"We don't really understand the rule, and maybe we need to ask the teams why they think the should be allowed to change tyres. The race distance was still the race distance, it wasn't extended. The cars had stopped and there had been a safety car anyway. I don't really understand why they are allowed to change tyres, but maybe I am missing something."

"Overtaking is at a premium here, so having the strategic element and such varied strategies, one, two or three stops, gave it an extra bit of intrigue,"

"I think it was a bit of a shame with the red flag of course, because if they hadn't changed the tyres, then they would have had to fight to the end as they were all on different strategies, and the tyre wear and life was very different."

"It is such a shame we were not able to see the finale of the strategy game that had been played."

We need more people like Hembery in F1's power seats. What Pirelli have achieved since they came back to Formula 1 is exceptional. Other tyre manufactures refused to do what Pirelli have done so top marks.

Nico Rosberg Post Race Video Blog (Monaco GP)

Nico giving his thoughts on a tough weekend that included a big accident in free practice and being passed by his illustrious team mate in the race.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Hamilton "maybe because I'm black" interview

Get a severely pissed of sports star and stick a microphone in front of them & let the fun begin. Classic from Lewis. Ali G joke probably not smartest thing to say at the time but just added to this classic interview which also includes "These drivers are absolutely fricking ridiculous" line. Watch below.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Renault Team in Financail Trouble?

The naming dispute between Group Lotus and rival outfit Team Lotus may have made the headlines on Friday but Germany's Auto Motor und Sport said Enstone based Renault has got other another problem.

Auto Motor und Sport comments "Lotus Renault GP Court decision comes at the wrong time.The racing team will have massive financial problems. Russia is not providing as much money as expected.Since the serious accident of Robert Kubica the interest of other donors has ceased."

"Engine supplier and naming partner Renault is owed a two-digit million euro sum.Owner Genii Capital is begging its sponsor Lotus for an advance for daily management of the team and development of the car"

"In the paddock there are rumours that Renault must go with Cosworth engines next year, if the bills are not paid to Renault. And the French company is looking for another customer. Why not Williams?"

It seems Robert Kubica's absense has had just as great an effect behind the scenes. Meanwhile Kubica has left the wheelchair and can now hold a pen again with his right hand. He trains five hours a day with big breaks in between. Renault have ruled him out of racing again this year but hope he can do a friday practice session.

Mr Controversial Stirs The Red Bull Nest

Flavio Briatore has questioned whether Mark Webber receives equal treatment at Red Bull. Banned former Renault F1 boss Briatore, making an appearance with his luxury yacht this weekend at Monaco, still manages Fernando Alonso along with Mark Webber.

The Aussie has had a far from perfect start to this years World Championship leaving Briatore to wonder is everything running as it should be between Webber's garage and runaway championship leader Sebastian Vettel.

Speaking to Spanish news paper AS Briatore states "I think that team is big enough for both drivers to have equal opportunities, Every time there is a problem, it is Webber, and although in life you have to be lucky, it's strange when all you get is bad luck."

"I believe unquestionably in (Christian) Horner's integrity, but Webber needs to be able to compete in order to challenge for the title, for the spectacle, like Prost-Senna, Maybe they think it's better to have a first driver light and clear."

"I always had a number one and number two with a chance of being competitive and working together. This works better than having a number one and number two working for themselves only. Except with Fernando and Schumacher, I never counted on one driver only,"

Briatore also went on to say if Alonso or Hamilton were in a Red Bull they would be three seconds ahead of the rest every lap.

Adrian Newey On Ferrari's New Approach

In Gazzetta dello Sport Red Bull design guru Adrian Newey was asked how he feels to have caused Aldo Costa to lose his job. Costa was demoted from role of technical director at Ferrari on Monday, following the teams inability to close the gap on the dominant Red Bulls.

When asked about Costa, Newey says, "It’s nothing to do with me, but I am sorry for Aldo."

He then asked reporter Pino Allievi who will make the Ferrari cars now and is told Pat Fry and Nicolas Tombazis.
"Strange" says Newey, who declines to clarify what he means by the comment.

Newy worked alongside Fry and Tombazi at McLaren so is well aware of both mens strenghs and weaknesses making that kind of response intruging.

Newy the most valuable asset in F1 was headhunted himself by Ferrari as recently as last year.

Schumacher: "There is no Plan B"

In a question and answer session by Auto Motor Und Sport Michael Schumacher was asked  "Do you not get tired to remain optimistic and expect even podium finishes this season. Is it you already have a plan B in case the season continues like in Istanbul where you said after the race, the day wasn't a whole lot of fun."

Schumacher responded "There is no Plan B. That would be wasted energy. As you can already say: I am optimistic and believe in what we want to achieve and the fact that we will achieve it."

Schumacher was also asked did being seven pounds heavier than his team mate Nico Rosberg make any difference in the distribution of weights in the car with Schumi replying there is ample scope for distribution and the difference is negligible.

What is definitely not doing Schumacher any favours in his preperations for Grand Prix weekends is not being able to use the team's 3D simulator because it makes him nauseated. On Monday at the teams headquaters in Brackley England Rosberg used the simulator to drive Monaco with all the new technical innovations on the car.

Came across a really good old video clip about Schumacher's driving style compared to other drivers in his heyday.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Schumi Rejects Hamilton's Blocking Claims

Michael Schumacher has rejected accusations he aided his pal Sebastian Vettel by deliberately blocking Lewis Hamilton in Spain on Sunday.

Vettel and Hamilton were in an extremely close battle eventually won by world champion Vettel by just 0.6 secs.  Hamilton has since claimed he was blocked by Seven Time Champion Schumacher in his Mercedes straight after Schumi had let Vettel through.

"I won't speak to him about it - I don't want to waste my time or my breath," Hamilton told British tabloid Daily Mirror.

When ask about the alleged incident Schumacher stated "I don't recall this, and I think it wouldn't make sense,
Although, yes, Seb is my friend, Lewis is running with a Mercedes engine and that's a lot more important to me."

"Not that I try to favour, or not favour anybody. That certainly must have been a misunderstanding. It's not my idea. I try to get out of the way for anybody. I just do my own thing." continued Schumacher.

Schumi's excuse of prefering engine makes over friends probably isnt the greatest excuse he has ever given but watching Seb and Lewis lap Schumi  its extremely hard to see any evidence of blocking going on as they were both let by at basically the same time.

Guess Lewis just wants to have a go at Schumi since nearly everyone else is.

Update: Lewis has since denied saying he was blocked by Schumi. It was only one British tabloid journalist he was supposed to have said it too so seems entirely likely this so called journalist extracted the story from somewhere around his trouser back pocket area.

Montoya offers help to Raikkonen

Juan Pablo Montoya heaped praise on Kimi Raikkonen's effort on his NASCAR debut last weekend and predicts Kimi will have little difficulty progressing in the series.

The Colombian admitted they probably talked more than they ever did as team mates in Formula 1 at Mclaren.

"Kimi did really good," stated Montoya. "I think it's good that the trucks are a bit flexible and the noses don't push in the fenders like we do [in Cup] but I think overall he did a good job."

Montoya continued "It was more the team than him you know, telling them why is he so loose and why is he struggling, Our driving styles were a little bit different in Formula 1 but I know what I would like out of a car. I just went to say hi and see how he was doing. People did it to me here and I was really shocked so if I can help, I'll lend my hand."

Video clip below captures last time Montoya shared his thoughts on Raikkonen!

19 of 24 Drivers Signed Document For No DRS Monaco

The drivers union had given the letter to the FIA. 19 of the current 24 drivers signed the recommendation to dispense with the adjustable rear wing in Monte Carlo according to leading German automobile magazine Auto Motor Und Sport.

However, it is to be used with a ban only on the tunnel part of the race. Rubens Barrichello gave FIA race director Charlie Whiting the letter in Barcelona.

With such an outcry of drivers lobbying against DRS use in Monaco and the FIA still planning to go ahead with full use until Monday guess it's like what straight shooter Mark Webber said "It shows they don't listen to us."

What I would like to know is who are the five hard core racers that wanted it and can Bernie arrange a bonus set of fresh super soft tyres for them for being such ballsy racers!

Update: The drivers who wouldn't sign petition were Mercedes drivers Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg, Mclaren driver Lewis Hamilton and Renault drivers Vitaly Petrov and Nick Heidfield.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Nico Rosberg Post Race Video Blog (Spanish GP)

The second video blog Nico has done from the back of his Mercedes limo on the way to the airport. Pretty insightful on his race and hopefully more top drivers start to do something similar.

Webber And Vettel Needle Returns

It has taken a while to reappear but the bad air between Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber has resurfaced. Writing in GPWeek, Peter Windsor the experienced F1 columnist takes up the story right after Webber set his Q3 time.

"Mark climbed from his car not with a smile on his face but with the Silverstone visage of victory-under-fire, For there had been just enough time, after Mark had taken the pole, for Seb to try once more. The tyre guys brought forward another set of softs; the wheel guns clattered; and Seb's Number One began to clear the car."

"Over on the other side of the garage, meanwhile, one Australian racing driver was quietly going bananas, asking his guys why Seb was heading out on another set of tyres when they'd agreed in Turkey that they'd both do only one run in Q3 if they were one-two with a bit of margin"

"Mark's engineers conflabbed on the pit wall with the RBR management. There was a discussion. There was a decision. And the nod went to Mark – there would be no second runs. Seb removed his steering wheel and climbed from Adrian Newey's masterpiece." writes Windsor.

It was also of note how Vettel seemed to go to great pains in the press conference after qualifying to make sure everybody knew Webber's pole wasn't diminished by the fact his own was done without Kers while actually strongly conveying the opposite with Webber sitting there with a glum look on his face.

What will be particularly interesting is come near end of season if Vettel is still way ahead in championship, wonder how hard Webber will be driving to help him win it especially if he has no contract in place for the following year.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Ferrari spying on Red Bull?

Red Bull Formula 1 consultant Helmut Marko has accused Ferrari of using a method to secretly listen in on Red Bull's race strategies during Formula One Grands Prix.

Red Bull's controversial consultant conveyed his suspicions on German RTL television after the Spanish Formula One Grand Prix on Sunday.

Marko stated "We have noticed that Ferrari is doing some kind of espionage, We called Mark into the box relatively late, and yet they managed to get Alonso in as well. They had been able to respond to us."

It is believed Marko's suspicions hardened when Red Bull issued fake commands for its drivers to pit in Barcelona, and Ferrari still moved to respond.

Ferrari has yet to comment.

Well if you're going to spy no one better to place in you're line of sight than the flying bulls. As for Marko, he must like the feeling of kicking a team when they are already down.

The Unsung Hero of the Barcelona Grand Prix

It appears Indian driver Narain Karthikeyan had a little more to contend with at race time than the usual dog of a car and constantly having to move unto marbles to let anybody and everybody by.

Narain stated “It was a very hard race. The tyres were degrading a lot, especially the rear ones making it very difficult to drive. The first few laps were all right but then the rear started giving me a lot of problems. I also had some trouble with my seat, I burnt my back and at times the pain was unbearable. The positive aspect was that I finished the race although we didn't get much out of it."

Braving unbearable pain to bring a car home last 5 laps down, seems like its straight out of a Hollywood script. If HRT dump Narain before the season is over as many thought before it began they deserve to be forever regulated to back of the pack status. Right now jury is out whether Karthikeyan is a real life Rocky Balboa or total idiot. Think for now he gets Rocky Narain.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Schumacher "like a hungry and impetuous Junior"

The words of Mercedes Motorsport boss Norbert Haug defending Schumi after his underwhelming performance at the previous Grand Prix in Turkey.

Haug stated "I would not underestimate him and his class before, In so far this season his true capabilities in results is not yet clear, but in lap times already,"

"To me, Michael least now more than ever like a hungry and sometimes quite boisterous junior before. I would not underestimate him and his class before, Once our car is ready for podium, Michael will be placed there."

Not sure where Norberg is imagining Nico Rosberg will be when Schumi hits the podium. Perhaps kneeling down with the rest of the Mercedes squad chanting "Long Live The King"

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